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Office of Neighborhoods

Lonas Drive Community Association (LDCA) is comprised of residents on the area bounded on the north by Middlebrook Pike, the east by I-640, the south by I-40 and the west by Weisgarber Rd and East Weisgarber Rd. Members of the Board of Directors have been active in zoning and planning matters.  Over the years the Board has been successful in helping maintain the residential character of our area.  Current Board Members.  

Lonas Drive Community Association

Neighborhood Meeting,      Sept. 17, 2019  7pm

Come early @ 6:30 for pizza and treats.

Bush Beans Corporate Headquarters   - at  Lonas and Weisgarber


Mayor Madeline Rogero will be here to give us a talk.

Knoxville Police Department will report on crime.



The Board meets quarterly. Officers are elected by members of the Board. Contact Sharon Kime, if you are interested in serving on the Board or some other type of involvement in LDCA (e.g., signs, newsletter, facebook). We have historic information, Timbercrest and the Lonas Dr. area,  and files from past representatives that we need assistance in reviewing.

Current Board members:      Kim Watt: Leon Ridenour 588-9759,   Far View Hills: Polly Doka  584 7351,   Hollywood Hills:  Vacant,   Lonas Drive: Bill Terry  556 5966  and  Sharon Kime   584 1224,    Timbercrest: Kirk Anderson  588 3664,  Weisgarber Heights:  Steve Watson, (,  Wesley Heights: Vacant.  Find us at


Brief and Incomplete History of Lonas Drive

The Lonas name came from the original Post Civil War occupants of the area. The Lonas family cemetery is located in the Westview area of  Middlebrook Pk.  The first two sizeable houses in the Lonas area were built by Matthew W. Kirby in 1935. The Kirby Farm was 700 acres.  He was known for growing crops and had a very large strawberry patch which is now Highland Cemetery where he is buried.  Kirby’s house is the stone house on Weisgarber next to the Church of the Savior and now serves as the offices for the church.  At the same time his son Ralph built the house at 5417 Lonas.  Ralph’s Grandson Bill Terry and his wife Terri live in that house today. Matthew Kirby was the owner of Willowbrook Milling Company, a four story structure, which was located on the site where Bush Bros. Corp. offices are today.

 The first two neighborhoods nearest Weisgarber were developed by three sisters from the Matthew Kirby family.  The sisters, Evelyn Kirby Kelly, Mary Kirby and Margaret Kirby Taylor developed  Wesley Heights. One of the street s was named after Evelyn. Other Streets in the area are variations of the Kirby name, Kirbury and Kirby Road.

Paul Shirley purchased part of the Kriby Farm and developed Timbercrest in the 60’s.  There are about 200 homes in Timbercrest and new homes have been added recently.  Timbercrest has a pool and park area for residents and a neighborhood association which host events throughout the year. Kirk Anderson, a long time resident of Timbercrest, was named “Neighbor of the Year 2019” by the City of Knoxville.

Far View Hills was developed in the 50’s to 70’s by Cliff Hensley. He purchased that parcel which was mostly cleared farmland from the original owners, Al and Minnie Lonas. A few of the original homeowners still occupy homes in Far View Hills.  The first phase of development consisted of 75 homes, some with stunning views of the mountains. The newer part of Far View Hills currently has 25 homes, active construction sites  and lots for future development.

The Kim Watt, Middlebrook Heights, area is a combination of older cottages and mid century homes.  The late Bill Ogle built many of the apartments in this area. The Kim Watt section of Lonas Drive is also home to El Tipico market that was previously “Ogle’s Market” and served as a center of neighborhood activities for many years.  Two brothers, Kim and Frank Watt owned most of the land on that end of Lonas that intersects with Middlebrook Pike.

The Western end of Lonas Drive is home to Bush Brothers Corporate Headquarters. South College is on the Eastern end and Pilot Oil Corporate Headquarters is located at 5500 Lonas Drive.

We encourage folks to add information or stories to this project. We have a good amount of information from one of the original members of the Lonas Drive Community Association that needs review if someone would like to help with that project.


This Historic Structures Report of the Matthew Kirby House contains a historical analysis, evaluation of the current conditions, and recommendations for the house. The purpose of the study is to document the house by researching the property, owner(s), use(s), and architectural elements. A research team of graduate students comprised of J. Estey, K. Kaczor, D. Lowry. and E. Washburn from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville conducted the study for Interior Design 531.



Matthew W. Kirby was a native of West Knoxville, Tennessee.  He was born February 9, 1877 in the area now known as Farragut and died in February of 1958. Mr. Kirby was a true entrepreneur for his day. He grew many crops, including strawberries and he even served as president of the Knoxville Strawberry Association. (Knoxville Journal, 1958) Additionally, he was the owner of the Willowbrook Milling Company.   The milling company was on his property north of Lonas Road, at the intersection of Lonas and Weisgarber Road. (Knoxville City Directory, 1937) Willowbrook Mill was a four-story structure and used for milling crops he grew for himself and the public.   The mill fell into neglect and in the 1950's his daughter Mary had it demolished (J. Johnson, personal communication, October 21, 1996).

Kirby was a real estate investor in the community. (Knoxville Journal, 1958) At one time, he owned considerable parcels of land in West Knoxville. Although Kirby purchased the property as farmland, he later sold parcels for subdivisions and shopping centers. (J. Johnson, personal communication, October 21, 1996) He owned most of the property that included land for West Town Mall, Highland Memorial Cemetery, and farms on Northshore Drive. His nickname was "Squire Matt" because of his association with the Knox County Court. He served as a Justice of the Peace until 1948. Mr. Kirby had an interest in the development of Black Angus cattle keeping them on his property (Knoxville Journal, 1958).

 Martha C. Kirby with a child

In Knox County on March 26, 1902, Matthew Kirby married Martha Ellen Cunningham of Morristown, Tennessee, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Cunningham (Marriage Record Book, 1901-1905). The Kirbys were founders and life long members of the Erin Presbyterian Church located on Lockett Road in the Bearden area of West Knoxville. Mrs. Kirby served as president of the Women's association of the church. She was also an active member of the community (Knoxville News Sentinel, 1969).

The Kirbys had four sons, Sam, Ralph, Herman, Woodrow, and three daughters, Mary, Margaret, and Evelyn (Will Book 24 352-1958 #81). For additional family information please see Appendix A. Only four of the children, Woodrow and the three daughters, grew up in the Weisgarber house. The older sons, Sam and Ralph, built homes of their own on adjoining property. Their fourth son Herman died in 1932 at the age of eighteen (J. Johnson, personal communication, October 21, 1996).

Matthew Kirby had an office in downtown Knoxville at the Bank of Knoxville building. Family members remembered Mr. Kirby going to his office every week to collect money from his rental property (P. Johnson, personal communication, October 21, 1996).

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