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Hi Neighbors - On Sept. 21 at 4 p.m. at the small assembly room of the City
County Bldg., John Yoder of 4416 Sunflower is requesting a change in the
variance from the street from the present 25 feet to only three feet to
accomodate the car port he has built.  If you wish to speak against this
change, you will need to sign up when you go to the meeting.

The board is gathering apartment information meanwhile, in order to have
larger numbers of residents represented when we go to the City Council
concerning the re-building of the Forest Hts. bridge.  Kerry Schell is going
to be consulting with our councilman, Ivan Harmon about the best way to
approach this issue.

Judy Sumner for the Board  

Hi Neighbors - It has been brought to our attention that the developers are
appealing to the City Council to have the Home Depot decision made by MPC on
September 19 at 7 p.m. at Bearden Middle School.  This is your opportunity to
show your support for the MPC decision against having a Home Depot on

Also, the LDCA Board met on Saturday, Sept. 9 to discuss several issues of
concern to our neighborhood, including the Forest Hts. bridge issue.  We will
be meeting again after we do some groundwork, and will be having another
community-wide meeting on Thursday, November 2 at the Central Church of God
at 7 p.m.  Mark your calendars now!

Judy Sumner for the Board



Hi Neighbors - You are all invited to attend the initial presentation by the
Worsham Watkins International group's private development plan to the City of
Knoxville and the Public Building Authority.  You can see their full
presentation and proposals at 5:30 p.m. at the Tennessee Theatre.

 Another meeting will be held  on Tuesday, July 18 from 7:30 to 9:30 at the
Deane Hill Recreation Center at 74oo Deane Hill Drive.  The purpose of this
meeting is so you and other homeowner associations and civic leaders have an
opportunity to provide input on various aspects of this development plan.  
You can also review the majority of the proposal on the PBA's Internet
webside after June 30th at http://www.ktnpba.org

Judy Sumner 

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The neighborhood committee here in Westwood (located in old Bearden) met  Wednesday evening with a pleasant man, at his initiative, to discuss the fact that we in Bearden will soon have a 108,000 square foot Home Depot in our midst.  There will be a rezoning request sent forth in the next few  weeks to rezone the area in between Northshore and Weisgarber to C6,  if memory serves.  What some of you may know as a rather cramped small neighborhood, with a few  businesses, located on that twisty/hilly portion of Weisgarber that's largely obscured by trees will within the next year or so be transformed into a Home Depot store.  We are told that the homeowners who are left  in  that area (bless 'em, because it's gotta be a hopeless situation for sometime, so I can't blame 'em) have all agreed to sell out to the corporation that is developing this area.  The entire hill in that area sort of behind the TGIF, Burger King, Northshore Towers, etc, will be leveled (flat as a pancake) to accommodate this new Home Depot.  It is possible a new red light will be added to Northshore to accommodate the expected traffic volume.  If  my memory is right, Home Depot project around $60M in yearly sales at this store (with, ahem, resulting tax revenues for our city).  I do have to give the developers credit -- they came to us first, prior to  any rezoning even being submitted.  I guess that's a rarity around here. We are still trying to figure out what this might mean to Westwood, given that TDOT is beating us to death with I40 expansions on the north side already.  Any ways, just more news about development in River City.



Hi Fellow Lonas Drive Community members - Suzanne Kurth sent messages to you about the meeting on June 24 with Sam Parnell, the Director of Engineering
for the city.  Mr. Parnell will be willing to discuss any of our concerns and
share information regarding the highway widening, Papermill and Weisgarber
changes, etc.  The meeting will be at 9 a.m. at the Central Church of God at
Coleman and Papermill.  Please let your friends and neighbors know about this
meeting so we will have good attendance.