Lonas Drive Community Association

Lonas Drive Community Association Meeting -

Here are minutes from the December 2004 Meeting -

 Present Suzanne Kurth, Polly Doka, Sharon Kime, Leon Ridenour, M.J. Scarborough

Polly reported on COIN (Council of Involved Neighborhoods) meeting of Dec. 6.  She paid dues of $50 for LDCA to join and will serve on the issues committee.

Mary Jane reported on the November Community Forum Meeting

Suzanne will contact TDOT regarding glare, walls and noise in the Papermill area.

More recent pictures of the condition of the Webb home on Jonquil should be collected to document current happenings at that site.

Suzanne, Polly, Sharon and Robert Waltz attended council meetings re South College rezoning.  They made the committee aware of our concern about the  amount and speed of traffic on Lonas.  Sharon will contact the traffic committee to see about the traffic count and other problems in the area.   

We hope to plan a general meeting for February and get out a newsletter

Robert Waltz set up a Yahoo web site.   

Bush Brothers received the Orchid Award from Keep Knoxville Beautiful for architecture.

There will be a meeting with residents and owners of property on Jammer on December 9.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 11, 2005.


LDCA Board Meeting Minutes March 15, 2004


Attending:  Suzanne Kurth, Leon Ridenour, Polly Doka, Chuck Cleland, Kerry Schell, Mary Jane Scarborough, Gordon Acuff


Suzanne and Polly met with the minister or the Church of the Saviour related to a hiking trail/greenway on their grounds.  He offered his church for future LDCA meetings also.


Suzanne and Polly reported that the rezoning was approved for the house at the corner of Lonas and Kirby for a dental lab.  Kerry is buying the house next door.  They also attended MPC meetings.  Other rezoning issues were an old farm on Middlebrook Pike which was rezonned to C-6 from A office.   The hearing on the Kim Watt area west of Frank Watt was postponed to a later time.


Suzanne Kurth, Polly  and Howell Doka, Kerry Schell and Kirk Anderson attended the large Neighborhood Meeting on March 13.    There was discussion about contacting the E. TN Design Center related to creating an entrance enhancement and logo for the neighborhood.  The contact person is David M. Watson at 1522 Highland Ave., phone is 525-9945.


Polly is working with  Keep Knoxville Beautiful for a neighborhood cleanup scheduled for March 27 from 8:30 to 12:30.  Bags and gloves will be furnished.  Participants will meet at the Church of God at 8:20.  The main areas to be cleaned are Lonas, Kirby, Coleman and Hollywood.


Suzanne is working on a general meeting for sometime in April.  She hopes that the Mayor will attend and that Mr. South of South College will attend related to possible greenways and a park.  MPC and TDOT representatives will also be invited as will council members from our area.